Tourism and destination management


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Master of Arts in Tourism Management

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Areas of Practice Destination Assessments Let's map your opinion's assets, understand your visitors' preferences, and see how you can use with other organizations to get the most out of money for your destination.

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Sports Destination Management is written for the largest audience of sports event managers and tournament directors in the sports tourism market and maintains a focus on the important issues surrounding event location decisions and event management.

This section is where we help you understand Destination NSW’s marketing activities and how industry partners can be involved. The aim is to equip operators with the knowledge and resources needed to work with us in promoting NSW destinations and experiences in domestic and overseas markets.

Destination Assessments.

Building Global Partnerships

Let's map your destination's assets, understand your visitors' preferences, and see how you can collaborate with other organizations to get the most out of tourism for your destination. Savannah Destination Management LLC is a full-service event and destination management company offering extensive local knowledge, expertise and.

Destination Management Planning is a comprehensive, collaborative process in which the local tourism industry, government and community leaders plan ahead for and manage a tourism destination.

Sustainable tourism destination management is an ideal program if you are: Working in the tourism industry and would like to deepen your understanding of sustainability Interested in .

Tourism and destination management
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